Here’s a suggestion way beyond the ordinary! For a limited time…

Take your wedding vows in a sculpture 3 km from the Björholmen Marina. Just as couples did when it was located in Madison Square Park! But now in our beautiful skerry setting…

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A skerry wedding at the marina!

We held a wedding one sunny weekend in June, from the 13th to the 15th, surrounded by guests in wedding attire, perfected by a bride in a beautiful wedding dress and lots and lots of Norwegian flags! We even got to see a great number of Norwegian national costumes that suited the setting well. The flags and costumes were in fine contrast against the backdrop of our red ochre walls.

We “took off” on boat trips in our BRANDSKÄR 28, which was greatly appreciated. It got a bit cramped in the wheelhouse when a hail squall passed us by, but it gave us the opportunity for a chat at the helm. Other guests distinguished themselves in an activity they called “Keelhauling the Groom”…

And a great time was had by all! Many happy, pleasant guests we met too.

Thanks Tron & Stine, and good luck!